Best Men's Bracelets To Look Classy and Dapper

Though, bracelets have been around for a long time but in the last couple of decades, bracelets for men tend to have taken off as quite trendy. Particularly, among those style aficionados. From a range of wooden beads, leather bands and metallic pendants, the world’s fashion icons and film stars are flexing their wrist-game (beyond the foolproof watch) and adopting the bracelet. But not without game of course.

The rule of thumb is getting the right bracelets that doesn't make you appear as though you just ransacked your lady's jewellery box.

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You want pieces that makes you appear more masculine and stylish, and importantly are not made from boring materials that are readily accessible by every other production house.

At Chrestelle we source our leather bracelets, cuffs and beads from it's very root, Africa. We have them in great colours that are conducive to the mix-and-match stacked effect for the modern man.

Our bracelets are perfect on a hot date to raise your aesthetic profile. Not only will this kind of arm candy boost your style cred, it’s easier – and far less stressful when worn as its guaranteed to help lighten your wrist.

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